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Our lawyers at Englisby, Vaughn & Slone are family-related and, therefore, our goal and strength as a family unit is to work with you and your family for a successful understanding and resolution of your legal problem.  Our growth has come by understanding client problems – and solving them with a strategic combination of legal, practical and political skills.

Our firm’s strength is a result of tireless effort to strive everyday for excellence in our work and performance.  Our vision is to address the array of legal challenges you may encounter in achieving your goals. We are still a first-generation firm, and those who built the firm continue to serve the clients that have grown with us.

Among our lawyers and staff are men and women with different talents and approaches to the law.  Yet they also possess striking similarities, starting with the ability to see creative solutions others might miss. Our lawyers are not satisfied until they have met the highest standards of legal service.  In every area of the law - domestic, criminal, traffic, contract and civil disputes, we focus on achieving results that help you.

Our lawyers are use to the bright lights and high pressure when a case is hyped by the media. Over the years, we’ve handled a number of cases that have captured local and national attention.   Every one of our lawyers are litigators. Our lawyers are experienced in the courtroom and are prepared to represent you.
Please feel free to contact our office telephone number 804.748.6300, and arrange for an appointment to consult with one of our lawyers.

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